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Dear Valued Club Members,


We want to inform you of some important changes and requirements to ensure a seamless process and to continue enjoying all the benefits of your membership.


Please read this information carefully, as it pertains to the upcoming membership renewal process.

Please visit the events page to see when the next work party will be held, we are also trying a next system to manage people attend, we kindly ask you to complete the RSVP for the data that suites you.

Work Party Requirement:

To be eligible for membership renewal, you must have completed at least one work party during your current membership year. Work parties are essential to maintaining our club's facilities and environment, and your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Work Party Waiver:

We understand that there may be exceptional circumstances preventing you from participating in a work party, such as medical issues. please speak with the membership secretary before renewing. 


For members that cant attend a work party or would not like to participate, a waiver is available for a fee of £50. This waiver must be paid before your renewal membership license can be granted.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

Failure to complete a work party or pay the work party waiver fee will result in you not being offered a renuall for the flowwing seasion 

Digital Membership Cards

We are excited to announce that we will no longer be issuing printed identification cards. Instead, your identification card will now be available digitally within the Clubmate app. It's essential for all members to have access to the Clubmate app to ensure easy access to your digital membership card.

Contact Information Update

As part of our commitment to sustainability and efficient communication, we require all members to update their contact details within Clubmate. This ensures that we have accurate and up-to-date information for our members. Please make sure your information is legible and complete within the app to ensure you can continue enjoying the club's benefits and fishing privileges.


Membership Renewal Opens 29/4/24

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