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Pixes Mere

Pix Farm Ln & Winkwell, Bourne End, Hemel Hempstead HP1 2RY, UK

Introducing the newest gem in our collection of lakes – The Runs Water!

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This enchanting four-acre lake has a rich history, once shrouded in legend, and now, thanks to  BDAS, it's alive with renewed excitement. The fishing experiences at Pixies Mere have once again taken the angling world by storm, and it's a joy to see this oasis of nature back in the spotlight.

Explore the myriad features of this pristine lake, where you can cast your line from a variety of picturesque spots. Delve into the depths that range from three to four feet, leading to a captivating six-to-10 foot hole near the latter pegs. This aquatic wonderland boasts islands, gracefully overhanging willows, serene lily pads, and more, ensuring a diverse and thrilling fishing adventure.

Dive into the diverse ecosystem of Pixies Mere, home to a vibrant community of aquatic life. Meet the residents, including pike, mirror and common carp, mysterious ghosties, feisty roach, cunning perch, robust bream, and charming tench.

For the anglers seeking the thrill of the catch, Pixies Mere offers carp that tip the scales at a whopping 28 pounds, while the enigmatic ghost carp reach up to 22 pounds. Pile carp can be found in these waters, boasting impressive weights of up to 21 pounds. Bream, reaching a substantial nine pounds, and tench, up to eight pounds, add to the allure. And don't forget the roach, frequently around a pound and a half, creating the perfect angling experience. Come, discover the magic of Pixies Mere for yourself!

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