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Work Parties

To maintain your membership you must complete at least one work party each season, unless exempted by age or infirmity or if you have paid the waiver.


April 22nd    Mere               8am to 3pm
April 23rd     Mere               8am to 3pm

Attend the session that suits you best On both dates work might be done at Westbrook Mere, Pixies and Durrants – please be prepared to travel between the waters. The meeting point will be Werstbrook Mere. Members will then be sent to different lakes as required.

PLEASE NOTE: Members will need to sign in upon arriving at Westbrook Mere. This is proof you’ve attended a work party.

Your membership can be renewed during the work party Should you decide to do it on the day then please visit the membership team in the committee hut. Cash payments will be accepted at work party dates only.

Renewals will all be done digitally/online. Please fill in the form online and make sure your details are correct. Failure to keep your details up to date via the BDAS Clubmate app may result in your membership being void.. Pensioners and disabled members are not expected to attend work parties, but it would be nice to see you, especially if you can make tea.

Work gloves, wellies, waders, hammers, wire cutters, saws and other tools will come in handy. If you are a carpenter, electrician or roofer, please bring your tools with you. Tea and coffee will be provided, please bring a cup or mug.

Members who cannot make either of the above dates will need to pay the £50.00 waiver. Any member who cannot attend because of illness should produce a doctor’s note referring to the reason for not working prior to the work party date and send the note to

Those members exempt from working parties, or paying the waiver, should continue to fill out the online form and make payment by BACS. Memberships must be renewed before 1st June 2022. We have a waiting list now and late renewals will be refused.

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