By-laws of the Boxmoor & District Angling Society Ltd

BDAS has a set of By-laws to protect you, the Society, and our fisheries.

Club Bylaws EFFECTIVE April 2019 Fishing Rules

1. Pike fishing will commence on 1st September each year until March 31st following, unless advised. Members wishing to fish for pike MUST be in possession of a BDAS Pike Ticket, available at no charge, details from the secretary. The use of live baits, under 6 inches in length, is permitted on all BDAS waters. Live baits must be caught on the day and at the water where they are to be used.

2. Nuts or pulses, of any type, are not to be used as bait in any form. Bait leftovers are not to be deposited in Society waters or on the banks. Left over bait must be taken home at the end of the session.

3. Members shall not reserve a swim. Tackle may be left, unattended, in a swim for a maximum of one hour in any twenty-four. After that period it may be removed by any member. Any damage to tackle so removed will be at the owner's risk. Any loss of tackle will be at the owner's risk.

4. Fishing from boats is not allowed on Society waters, tackle should not be cast beyond half the width of the water, if there are anglers opposite you. No bait boats are allowed on BDAS waters. Wading is not permitted on any club stillwater.

5. Main reel line only to hook link, with additional tubing if required. Lead core line or leaders in any form are banned from all BDAS waters. Braid may only be used on marker and spod rods or when pike fishing at your discretion. Fixed lead rigs are not permitted. Permanent bent hooks are not permitted. Any Official, Bailiff or Officer of the Society, on production of identity, may inspect any rig, bait or other equipment, including vehicles, brought onto Society waters by any member or guest.

6. Keepnets, minimum size 250 cm long X 45 cm diameter, are allowed on all BDAS waters, throughout the year, with the following exceptions; No carp, pike or barbel are to be retained in keepnets. Suitable sacks and tubes are to be used for these species but must only be used for the retention of fish for witnessing and weighing and in the case of pike and barbel also for a recovery period before release. Fish retained in keep nets, sacks or tubes are to be returned to the water with every care.

7. All landing nets are to be a minimum of 42inches.

8. Anglers must be in possession of an unhooking mat and a Carp Care Kit. Unhooking mats to have a retaining flap and to be no smaller then (1200mm (w) x 50mm (h) x 700mm (d). Carp cots are encouraged

9. Only two rods shall be used for fishing at any one time, unless between 1st October and 31st March following when in possession of the relevant club permit for a third rod and a second EA rod licence.

10. Baited rods must not be left unattended. Baits must be removed from the water and from the hook/hair prior to leaving your swim for any reason.

11. A current EA licence is required to fish BDAS waters and all relevant EA bylaws will be observed on Society waters. EA Licences will be checked by club bailiffs.

12. Conventional sized fishing Bivvies, brollies, tents and other temporary shelters, with or without fixed groundsheets, may be used on Society waters throughout the year but individually or in conjunction with rods or other equipment, must not obstruct any access path around or near the waters. Some swims on the canal bank at Westbrook Mere and in Snooks are NON BIVVY swims, they should be obvious from the lack of space they have. This means no bivvy, tent, brolly or other shelter is to be erected for the purpose of fishing overnight. An umbrella may be used during the day if conditions require it but this must not impede passage along bankside paths. Membership and Family/Guest Privileges

13. A card will be supplied to each member as a permit to fish and/or visit the Society's waters and MUST be produced on demand. It is not transferable. Wives will be deemed honorary members and member's children (under 16 years) may also fish the waters but only in the same swim as the member. Non-members are not permitted on Society property. An identity card will be issued when you are accepted for membership.

14. Currently no guest tickets available at BDAS

15. Night fishing is available only to members holding a senior ticket, which is available from 16 years of age, and a night fishing permit. Junior Associates may not be on the waters at night nor fish at night unless under bylaw 6. Annual night fishing permits will be issued by the membership secretary, at a price determined from time to time by the committee. Occasional night permits are available to senior members from local tackle shops on production of your membership card and club ID. Night permits are required between one hour after sunset and one hour before dawn or as indicated on the notice boards.

16. An Associate Senior Membership is available for non-fishing adults and to allow youngsters, joining as Junior Associates, under the age of 14 to fish accompanied and under the care of the Associate Senior Member, between 1 hour before sunrise and 1 hour after sunset. The Associate Senior Member must accompany the child at all times and be responsible for behaviour of the child on and around the waters. There is no minimum age established for this class of JA membership but under the age of 14 all JAs must be accompanied by an Associate Senior Member or full Senior Member.

17. At 14 years or more a Junior Associate may fish between the stated hours un-accompanied.

18. A child under 14, JA or honorary, by virtue of the parent's membership, may fish at night, in the same swim, with a parent, grandparent or legal guardian, who is a Senior Member and in possession of a night ticket. Maximum number of rods permitted under this bylaw is two, three rods under the 3 rod permit and at the designated times of year.

19. Members must complete at least one official working party each year, unless exempted, by age or infirmity. Dates of work parties will be advised in the newsletter published in February/March each year.

20. If a bailiff asks a member or junior associate to leave the water for breaches of the rules of the club or angling etiquette then the member's card, club ID and key will be retained by the bailiff, returned to the secretary, and will only be returned to the member concerned after a disciplinary meeting has been held according to Company rules. Bailiffs may clip a member's card to indicate to other bailiffs that there is a note in the club diary regarding that member's behaviour.

21. To qualify for trophies fish shall be weighed in the presence of two witnesses. Applications for trophies are to be submitted to the secretary with witnesses' names prior to March 1st each year. Weighing scales to be produced upon request. Claim forms are available from the secretary, the club website and published once a year in the newsletter.

22. Competitions will be subject to individual rules, determined by the match organiser, set out on the day of the competition and in compliance with Society bylaws.

23. Hours of fishing will be determined by the committee and advised to members. Behaviour

24. Litter and waste is not to be left on Society premises. All litter found adjacent to a swim will be deemed to belong to the member fishing that swim. There are toilets at Westbrook Mere and Durrants Hill please use them, not the swims or pathways. Litter includes dog ends, please use a sealed tin as an ashtray and take them away with you. Do not bag litter and hide it in vegetation. Do not deposit litter on adjoining properties. Take all litter with you when you go. LEAVE LITTER – LEAVE THE CLUB

25. No fish are to be introduced to or removed from Society waters without the approval of the fishery manager and the relevant EA approvals. Anyone caught introducing fish in contravention of this bylaw will be reported to the EA with a view to criminal prosecution by them and may be sued in the civil courts by the Club for damages which would be extensive.

26. No member or guest is to remove, trim, lop, cut down, prune, pollard or in any way modify growing plants, with the exception of the need to clear annual growth in acknowledged swims, unless instructed to do so by a member of the water management team or a member acting under its direction.

27. No fires shall be lit on Society property except by the direction of a water management sub-committee member or a member acting under its direction.

28. Dogs (except bailiffs’ dogs) are not permitted on Society waters. Appointed bailiffs’ dogs will be on a lead at all times.

29. Tins and glass containers may be not taken on Society waters.

30. Alcohol and all illegal drugs are banned from Society waters.

31. Portable radios are permitted only if fitted and used with earpieces. They must be turned off if another angler complains to you.

32. Permanent lights are not permitted. Please limit your use of torches and headlights.

33. All gates must be kept locked at all times, other than when entering or leaving Society premises. Keys are not to be copied.

34. Cars must not block access ways to footpaths, Society waters, car parks or adjacent properties.

35. Contravention of the Society's rules or bylaws shall be dealt with by the Committee and penalties applied. Rule breaking may lead to expulsion. Insurance Claims

36. Following changes in the way insurance companies manage liability claims our insurers require the club to advise them immediately following incidents in which they may have an interest, particularly incidents involving personal injury. In order to comply with these changes any member who is involved in an incident whilst angling or on any BDAS fishery must immediately report the circumstances to the Secretary in writing with details of the place, date, event and any witnesses. Acceptance

37. Members paying their subscriptions are deemed to have accepted these bylaws and the Company rules, which are shown in the club handbook.

Revised : April 2019 Daniel Kite - Hon. Secretary