Our Waters

Our fisheries are very well looked after and it should be noted that nearly all of the swims on our lake fisheries have access for disabled anglers with or without wheelchairs.

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Westbrook Mere & Snooks Pool

Westbrook Mere was leased by the club from 1927 and was bought in 1954. It is an old gravel pit of some 3.5 acres with depths varying from 2.5 to 10 feet.

In June 1966 eighteen year old trainee carpenter Ron Groombridge (today a club bailiff) landed a huge 40 lb 8 oz mirror carp, then the second largest mirror ever caught anywhere in the UK, and at a time when huge carp were thought to be almost uncatchable. The angling world was alight with tales of Mere Monsters and some of the old warrior mirrors still swimming in our waters are from that original mid 1950s stocking.

Current carp stocks to date (2019)

over 30lb - 10 fish

over 25lb - 40 plus fish

over 20lb - 60 plus fish

double figure - 80 plus fish

Crucian Carp - 3lb 11oz

Tench - 8lb plus

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Durrants Hill Fishery

Durrants Hill Fishery is a gravel pit complex dug in 1984 and is leased from Dacorum Borough Council. It is a lake of 2.75 acres for the exclusive use of club members and their guests (subject to club by-laws).

It varies in depth from 3 to 14 feet and was originally stocked with tench to over 7 lb, roach in excess of 2 lb plus a healthy head of large crucian carp, rudd, pike and perch. Since then further tench, roach and more recently bream and carp have been introduced.

Carp record stands at 28lb 4oz with several over the 20lb mark. 

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Pixies Mere

Pixes Mere

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